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Puppy Needs

Well, you have purchased your new "furkid" addition to
your family. What will you need to care of this new baby?

Are you prepared?

These are most important items  that will be required
for you  to make  the smoothest transition for
you and your puppy.  These are the bare necessities.
You will find out what else is needed as you go
along. These things will vary depending on your situation, but it is
important that you initially have everything
you need to feed and make your new Pembroke Welsh Corgi
comfortable in his/her new home.

Amazon tends to have the best prices and many with no shipping charges. Shipping charges change all the time...I only buy when no charges apply on large items such as crates.

People are always asking advice on what to buy for their puppies, so I made this page of items I recommend. If you order online I'd appreciate you using my links. 

Food Bowls...I do not recommend plastic as dogs can be allergic to the plastic and developed a rash on nose. Plus plastic is fun to chew. You will need two bowls. Metal or Ceramic are what I recommend.

  • Veterinarian recommended stainless steel interior resists bacteria
  • Removable soy-based rubber ring prevents spills and reduces noise
  • Dishwasher safe; remove rubber ring before washing
  • Available in five colors and 4 sizes to fit any decor
  • 1-Pint bowl for food and 1-Quart for water

Dog Crates...Crates are not cruel!. They have many humane and highly effective uses in dog care and training.
Crate training is very popular and a successful
housebreaking method.(check out crate training
on my puppy care page) Crates offer your puppy a
home inside your home.
There are two types of crates, wire or
plastic/fiberglass. The wire lets more air flow
and is open, where the plastic is sturdier, but, enclosed.
The type really depends on your circumstances.
The biggest thing to remember, so as not to have to buy
another one real soon, since puppies do grow quickly,
is the size. My wire crates are all 36" and have plastic
bottoms which are easy to pull out and clean. They come with a divider so as puppy becomes more housebroken you can make bigger to give more room. I do have the
plastic ones, but  they are much harder to clean
with a puppy, so when I do put dogs in them they are
adults or housebroken.

  • Durable pet crate designed with convenient features in mind
  • Easy-to-clean composite plastic pan
  • Ideal for pets up to 6 pounds
  • Easy setup and fold down to portable size
  • Divider panel included
  • Composite plastic Pan
  • Divider Panel
  • Fold and Carry Configuration
  • Safe and secure slide bolt latch
  • Single Door

The best deal I have found is through Amazon.

Just put "Midwest Pets iCrate Single-Door Dog Crate" in search box at Amazon. Click on banner below.
Intermediate size, crate measures 36x23x25'', For dogs up to 70 lbs. If shipping charges are being applied probably best to call around and check prices elsewhere, Walmart has good prices and nice crates.

Bedding can be a towel or small blanket
for the puppy to curl up in. Pick something easy to wash. You should wait on a dog bed until the puppy is housebroken.

FURminator...This is not necessary until they are around 6 months but defintely something to buy in future. Out of all the infomercial products we see on TV, the FURminator has got to be the BEST! I totally recommend anyone with a Corgi(or any type of shedding dog or cat) to buy one. Amazon does have the best prices. A FURminator will cut down on shedding.

I use the yellow handle "medium" FURminator for my Corgis.

There is also this new version.

Vitamins and Supplements


Shampoo...Puppy  Shampoo – Specially formulated to be hypo-allergenic and PH balanced for the delicate skin of puppies and kittens. NuVet’s® Puppy  Shampoo is environmentally safe and created to moisturize your young pet’s sensitive skin and give their coat sheen and luster. Our shampoo contains a coconut base with aloe vera, vitamins A, D, E and a proprietary blend of botanical extracts; no alcohol or animal by-products are ever used.  NuVet® Shampoo is tearless and contains no detergent or soaps that can irritate the skin or remove the essential natural oils from skin which your pet needs.


Just click on Collars for your choice... usually at the 8 week age 8-10" buy adjustable.

A collar and lead are very important in leash breaking
and the collar should have the puppy's rabies and
county tags attached. Get your puppy used to being
on a leash as it makes life with your puppy certainly
easier and safer for him/her.

Click for Collars

Toys are a must with a few chew toys to assist
you in keeping your puppy interested in his/her
toys and not your shoes or furniture. Corgis tend to like toys that make noise. As far as chew toys, I give them cow hooves to chew on which last a LONG time.

Click for Chew Toys

FOOD...I use Diamond Naturals Small Breed Puppy food. I'd, atleast, use up a 1/2 bag and then slowly switch if you would want to another brand. There are many good ones to choose from.

My feeding schedule is totally different than what you will be doing for housebreaking so follow the directions on the bag for how much. They may be hungry more like 3 times a day but slowly switch to 2 times. It may take a couple days to get them to eat at certain times for housebreaking since they are used to eating whenever. Make a schedule that works best for you. Dogs adapt easily. Only use canned food if puppy isn't eating well and then only a tablespoon added to dry. The hard dry food helps with their teeth.
FLEAS...Flea and tick meds are essential for your puppy. Your puppy will come with Frontline Plus already given which should be good for a month. I recommend Frontline/Advantage for first couple months. The best  to buy is from the vet "Trifexis" which is a one month pill works for heartworms and fleas and you can start puppies at 4 months old.

Urine Neutralizer...Urine has ammonia in it. Remember if you use anything with ammonia in cleaner your puppy will come right back to same spot. Dogs are territorial(even females) and will mark their spot again. Or puppy will think it is okay to go potty in same place.



Heartworm preventative is another essential puppy need. Your puppy will have gotten his/her first dose and a dose is required each month for the life of your puppy. This you need to talk to your vet about. Ask about Trifexis.

Socialization of your Corgi Puppy...
I, also, want to mention how it is best to not take your puppies to places where other dogs have been(dog parks etc...) or  until they have had the series of 3 shots and Rabies which is done by 4 months old. Many people ask me about obedience classes (Petsmart lets people join at early ages) before 4 months and I do not recommend it. A month or so won't make any difference. Get your puppy leash broke which will be a big help before starting classes. Quite a few email me their puppies are sitting, laying down etc and doing many things before they even start classes. Parvo is very serious and not worth taking a chance. I am not talking about relative and friend's houses where you know the animals and they are up to date on shots. If you aren't sure of a place you bring your puppy... just hold him/her and keep away from other dogs you don't know. But don't get me wrong, I DO recommend obedience classes.

Now please, make sure you PUPPY PROOF YOUR HOME. 
This means taking precautions to make sure your
pup doesn't get into any mischief and that there
is nothing within his/her reach that may harm
him/her. Don't misjudge your puppy's intelligence. 
Corgis are very smart!!!

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