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loHi there,
Sorry for my delayed response. Nigel is doing very well. He sleeps well in his crate at night, is so full of energy during the day, but still takes those cute puppy naps. He's cuddly at times, which is wonderful!
He's starting to become more brave, and he tends to run around the yard like a crazy man when we take him outside. He detests the leash but we're going to have to start using it when we go out and are in a hurry for him to do his business - like when it's raining, because this crazy puppy LOVES the rain!
I'm not sure how to post pictures on your facebook page, and I couldn't seem to tag you in the pictures I've posted of Nigel. I'll try to figure it out. :-)
Nigel is really good about taking his vitamin. He's a healthy pup, according to the vet. He's now 8 pounds! When we take him to the vet, everyone oohs and aahhs over how adorable he is. The last time, the vet tech asked if she could take him to show him to the other techs. He's such a handsome boy.
Thanks again for Nigel!
Hi Celeste,
Chauncey is a fabulous dog!  Yesterday he met his two “Corgi Cousins”, my daughter’s dogs (she came with me to pick up Chauncey).  I think Chaunceythought he was back with his family when he saw the other dogs.  It was fun, so much fun in fact that he slept for 4 hours afterward!
Chauncey is taking his vitamins (I got them on auto-delivery) and eating his Diamond Naturals Puppy food.  He loves breakfast, he “grazes” at lunch and then usually eats a pretty good dinner.  I take his bowl up after a short time even if he doesn’t finish as I want him to establish his eating/potty habits.
He’s doing quite well on the “go potty” front, but as you know, his bladder isn’t mature, so if the mood strikes him he usually doesn’t care where he is.  J 
I am so happy with him and want to thank you again for this wonderful puppy!  He goes for his next shots a week from today.
Will keep you updated periodically.  Have a great week!!!


Hi Celeste.  Fergie made it home just fine.  She is doing absolutely wonderful.  She has pooped and peed outside every time I've taken her out.  Also, she actually got into her crate that I brought her home in and will be using at night, an took both of her naps today.  I thought that was amazing.  I'm potty training her with very small pieces of dog treats and each time she pees, I praise her and give her a treat.  She has now started looking up at me for her treat.  I am so pleased and thank you for all of your patience and help. I'm attaching a couple of pictures of her first day here.  Thanks again.
Marge~Holly Hill
Hi Celeste -
Just wanted to let you know that "Oliver" is doing well he is a wonderful sweet little boy, he is also very playful !   He has been the hit of the neighborhood on our little walks, everyone he meets falls in love!  He is very cute following his big sis Lizzie around, and they are doing well together Lizzie loves to be chased and Oliver has figured out after a few runs around the easy chair if he waits on one side she will be back around!  He also has done well in his crate!  In other words he is a perfect fit for our family! Thank you!!
Emily, Lizzie and Oliver!~Orlando

Hi, Celeste:

I just wanted to let you know that Sookie is settling in here with us just fine. We also took her to our vet yesterday and she was very well-behaved! She does have a little bit of yeast in her ear, which needed some drops, but she is still doing great!

Shauna and Josh~Deltona


Hi Celeste!

Sydney is doing well.  I would have written sooner but she's been a handful.  She has been really good at potty training so far.  She goes to the bathroom (1, 2 or both) every time we go outside (and we do it often ;-)).  Did you guys start her doing that?  Her first couple night have been great...a lot better than I expected.  She has her own little area and I think she's getting used to knowing that its hers.  I also have two kitties and they've been getting along pretty well.  (Very excited about that.)  
Check out some of the pictures of her below.  Also feel free to check out some of the videos at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOdXpwcsKZw
Thanks again for everything.  I'll keep you posted.
Dear Celest
I am Emily's Mom and i have been following the new baby's photo's since you started sending them to his new Mom....he is a lucky guy ..just wanted you to know he will be loved bunches and we can't wait to meet him in person....i will be attending the picnic can't wait to see all the corgi gang..just wanted to tell you how professional you are and we need more loving dog breeder's like yourself & family...Thanks, for taking such good care of our new grandpuppie and all the rest of your puppy children....Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Picnic......Can't wait to see how Lizzie (his sister) will react to him.....have a good week....Best regards, Carol Hilton

Celeste –Just wanted you to know Flash is doing great.  He met his new vet today who let us know he seemed to be in great shape.  (His scratching is just a puppy thing according to the vet, and grass is not a dog’s best friend, especially with that exposed little Corgi belly.)  He’s sleeping well, eating heartily, and having huge amounts of fun here with his new family.  I’ll send some photos when I have a chance to download them.  We love him!  Hope all’s great with you and yours.

Kim~Hope Sound


Everything is going awesome!!! Bella is doing good and they are getting along perfect! Thank you so much again
Good morning Celeste,
Little Gingy is going great.  We have been having a blast with her the past couple of days.  She is working her way around the house and yard getting used to her new environment and family members.
Our older Lab mix is a little put out and did not know what to think of this little fuzz ball, but is starting to figure out she is not a threat...  The cat on the other hand (18 lbs) is not happy at all and keeps her distance at all times.  Gingy introduced her self with a couple of quick playfull barks and that sent the cat scampering upstairs where it's safe. When she comes in from outside she looks before comming thru the door.
Gingy is getting better at her crate training and speeping thur the night. I get up with her at 3 or 4 for a quick walk outside and then back to her crate and blanket with just a whimper or two she is right back to sleep till we get up at 6.
As soon as I down load some pics of her I will send them along to you...
Thanks again, Caleigh and the entire family are very happy...
Jim~Winter Park


Blue is doing great : ) We are working on getting her house trained and she loves to sleep on tiled floors. She only will sleep on the tiles by our front doors or in the bathroom. She also likes to play tug of war with my other little dog and its cute when they cuddle. I will have to take pictures of that.



Hi Celeste

Thanks for the email.  Ruckus' ears have been flirting with standing
up for the past few days, I wanted to hold off until they were all the
way up so I could send you some pictures.  I read on mycorgi.com that
some people gave an extra bit of calcium and some ear massages to help
perk up the ears so I tried it on Ruckus.  I don't know if it was the
massages and the bit of cottage cheese mixed in with his food or just
simply another week passing, but the ears are finally up permanently.
And Ruckus didn't mind the extra attention and food one bit.

Ruckus has been fantastic, what a sweetheart!  He didn't whine at all
his first night.  I slept through my mid-night alarm to take him for a
walk but he did great and didn't have any accidents in his crate.  He
is a pretty laid back guy; thunder storms, the dishwasher, and items
dropping don't seem to faze him.  And when the high-strung neighbor
Chihuahua goes nuts barking at him Ruckus just looks at her.  He's
quite a hit in the neighborhood.  I've been carrying him on walks so
he can check out his surroundings and everyone stops to admire him.
He's smart, too.  I don't think he's totally figured out his name yet
but he knows come, sit, and "go home" to get him into his crate.  I'm
having a bit of trouble with "down" since he is already so close to
the ground.  Hopefully in a few days we'll get the hang of it.

His favorite places to sleep are around or in his water bowl.  Rob and
I bought him a little kiddie pool today and will take him swimming
tomorrow if the weather allows.  He also loves to sleep on the arm of
the couch.  He and the cat have been interested in each other but
haven't bonded.  The cat likes to sit either on the back of the couch
or the landing of the stairs so he can observe from afar.  Ruckus
finally figured out how to climb stairs today, much to the cat's
dismay.  Rob and I now have an obstacle course blocking Ruckus (and
us) from the stairs.  We don't want him to go up until we're confident
he can get down without hurting himself.

We took him to the vet on the 31st and he was a hit there too.  The
whole office stopped when we came in.  His exam was OK but the doctor
found that Ruckus has a floating rib on his right side.  It's only
noticeable when he is scrunched up a bit, not when he is standing
normally.  Other than that he's perfect :)  Our vet is great and is
very knowledgeable about corgis.  They're popular breed in this area
and he came recommended to us by a Cardigan Corgi breeder close by.
And best of all, the vet is less than half a mile away from our house.
 Rob and I just moved to this area and I was crushed to leave my old
vet behind, I'm happy we found a good vet so close to home.  Ruckus
goes back for his next round of vaccines on the 21st.  You had
mentioned that you don't give the Kennel Cough vaccine to your dogs
because of an adverse reaction.  Was that when it was given to the
pups at a young age, or were you speaking generally about all your
corgis?  The vet recommended we do the Kennel Cough vaccine on Ruckus'
next visit (11 weeks) and I'm a little on the fence.  I'm always
hearing that we over-vaccinate our animals (and ourselves) and much of
it is unnecessary, but I know that a number of the vaccines are
absolutely necessary depending on the dog and the environment he is
in.  I'm probably overanalyzing it.

Thanks again for everything and I'll be sure to write again soon

Erin~Palm City

p.s.  I played your last youtube video of his litter for Ruckus last
night.  He sat on my lap for a minute and watched the screen and then
wiggled until I put him down.  He then stomped about the room sniffing
and making a little low, gentle barking noise. He reacted when you
spoke on the video, cocking his head and looking around.  Very cute :)

She is adjusting extremely well.  She only whined the first 2 nights 
going to bed in her crate.  After that, she has been great.

She is doing well going to the bathroom outside. The only time that 
there is an issue is at night but it is because she has been sleeping 
well.  I know she is unable to hold it for more than a few hours so I 
am not upset about that.

Thanks again, we are very happy with our little princess!! :-)


Jeremy, Bailey and I have really been enjoying each others company! Bailey loves all of her toys and is doing really well potty training. She's only had a few accidents in the house and already knows that she's supposed to go as soon as we take her out. We taught her to sit but we are still working on lay down. Trying to break her of gnawing on our hands during play time but I'm sure she's just teething. She gets along well with our pet rabbit and likes to follow her around. We are all happy as can be!


Good Afternoon Celeste! 

     This is Jessica Whiting, Olive's mom!  We haven't written in a while to update you about her, I had sometime today so I thought I would update you!  First I have to say what a wonderful puppy!  She potty trained easily, and has learned so many new thing since we brought her home!  She sits, lays down, rolls over, shakes & even gives high fives!  Back in March she stayed with Reese while we were out of town and played too much and pulled a little muscle in her leg, she has thankfully recovered from that fully!  Last week on Thursday she went in to get fixed!  As always she was a trooper, but is ready to play and run again!  We love her so much and can't wait until we can have another one!!
~Jessica Whiting


 I ran into Glitch. I went to get Rosie her checkup last week and a man approached me and asked me if I got her from you! What a small world! I didn't get the mans name but he had a red female and her brother is a tri color. Your reputation precedes you! Take care! Micki! We have gotten so many compliments about Rosie!

~Micki T  Orlando



Hi Celeste,

Attached are a couple of pictures of Lucy.  The one in the brown chair was taken this morning.
She was spayed earlier this week, and she is recovering/doing just fine.  All of her shots have
been completed, including her rabbies.  The vet says she is a very healthy and happy dog.
Lucy turned out to be a "love-bug", and a very, very important part of our family.  Our 3 grand kids really love her, and she pals around with them ... especially Jacob ... he says she's his buddy.
Bonnie and I think Lucy is a really beautifully bred dog ... she is a lot of fun.  House training her
was very easy because she is a highly intelligent pup. She travels well, loves to go on walks,
loves her treats and has already learned a trick.  We're in the process of teaching her another trick.
Her biggest distraction are the squirrels in our back yard.  It seems like her greatest pleasure in life is hanging around with us ... wherever we go.  And, she trys to "talk" when she plays with her squeaky
So, thanks for what you do ... and please keep up the good work.

~Andy & Bonnie Palm Coast


Hi Celeste,

It's been a while, and I just thought I'd let you know Ifrit is still doing great!  He has such a great personality - he loves everyone and everything he meets, and is a very affectionate little guy. No doubt his exceptional health, intelligence and personality are the result of outstanding breeding. =)

 A while back I asked the dog trainer what would be a good game for a herding dog, and he suggested pushing a big ball around, a ball too large for him to pick up in his mouth.  Since then Ifrit has become quite the soccer dog!  He's so funny to watch, and he seems to prefer it to traditional fetch.  Just thought I'd share some pictures of him in action (and a few from afterwards, all tuckered out after all of that running).

Best Regards,
~Jacqueline Oveido



Good Morning Celeste!
I wanted to let you know that Maximus is doing great!  He is a perfect fit in our family.  He gets along great with Vader (the american bulldog that weights 83lbs)!  Things with Lilly (the small cat that is a little bigger then him not by much) are getting better and better every day.  After all Lilly is the queen of the house...LOL and our room, which is now Maximus' room.  He spends the day with daddy at home hanging out, and when I get home both dogs follow me around every where I go.  It's such a hoot to watch the dogs play.  Vader is very aware of his size and Maximus' size...LOL. As soon as I download the pictures, I will send them to you.  Thank you for being such a great breeder, and for the joy that Maximus bring to our home.
~Katherine  Miami

She is doing fine, she has been a blessing to all of us, my son is crazy about her and visa versa they play all day & night, this has been the best thing that i have done for my son and for my family THANK YOU.

~Willie Oveido


You have no idea how precious she is and how much we are enjoying her. She is coming when we call her - pottying outside and playing her little heart out.
Jim calls her his little 'angel'.
~Myrna Fort Myers


Dear Celeste,

Words cannot describe how much Ringo has exceeded our expectations as 
a pet.  He is very much a sibling of Joe's and even gets more praise 
than his half sister Tori by my parents.  They humbly admit he is 
cooler than their dog.  I was just sitting here with him  on my foot 
and thought about you (He gets 2 long walks a day and comes to the 
office with me).  Thank you for doing an awesome job breeding these 
lovable dogs.
Thank you again very much,

~Michael, Heather and Joe


Celeste, I've uploaded two pictures. One (Jan10.jpg) is of Cricket with Cooper my older Corgi.  The other is Cricket running around.  She is doing very well...quite a handful but healthy and happy.  She is quite a lapdog too.  She curls up on the couch with me when she is tired and can be very sweet.  Hope all is well with you and tell Annie that she makes great puppies!  ~Susan Altamonte Springs

Hi Celeste!
Jack is absolutely amazing! He doesn't seem to be upset, no whining at all, and right now he's happily chewing on his new rope toy. He slept on my lap most of the way to Kingsland, and when I tested to see how he would do in the crate he was very calm and laid down. He also did his business as soon as I took him outside. I'm very impressed with him and I wanted to thank you again for selling me this amazing dog!

~Hannah ...Georgia
Hello Celeste!
Enzo is getting so big. He finished his puppy class and did
very well. Loves going for rides in the car and waits for me at night to
settle in on the couch so he can lay with me. I think the husband is
jealous! Pretty much has been potty trained for a while now and still sleeps
in his crate at night and goes right in when told. He has been so much so
much fun and so good. Couldn't ask for a better dog! We still look at your
site just to see all the puppies. Take care and keep up the good work!

~The Farmer's Port Orange

Hi Celeste!
I kept meaning to write to you about Baxter, but I never seemed to get the time. Baxter has been just wonderful! Sometimes I wonder if we were just lucky to get a dog that is so smart and has such a great temperment, or if that is just how all corgis are. He was potty-trained so quickly. Even right after we got him, he hardly had any accidents in the house at all. He was such a quick learner! With commands, he knows how to sit, lay down, stay, shake, roll over AND play dead. I have never had a dog that could play dead before. We are currently working on sit-up. We haven't had any other typical puppy problems either, like chewing or destorying random items.
Baxter is such a happy and friendly dog. As you can see from the pictures, he is very smiley. Everyone who meets him loves him. When my mom came to visit she just fell in love with him. She wanted to take him home! Baxter is also very good with other dogs. He is still very playful and likes to play fight when the opportunity arises. He seems to know his boundaries very well and he even protected a smaller dog at the dog park last week. He also gets along with children very well. All the children in the neighborhood adore him and even ring my bell to ask if he can come out and play!
Healthwise, Baxter has been doing great. We have had small complications (he broke his puppy canine tooth in half and it had to be removed) but overall he is very healthy. He was neutered when he was 3 months old. We would have waited until he was 4 months, but the vet said Baxter was ready for it and suggested we take care of it while he was having his tooth removed.
Color-wise, Baxter is all red, but still has the black on his face. The back of his ears are almost a dark red-brown with a grey-black color over it. He has a few very dark guard hairs by the bottom of his white collar, but overall he is still very "red." I'm not sure if the black on his face is going to go away, but I hope it stays.
I attached quite a few pictures of Baxter at different ages. I still can't believe how much he has grown! It feels like only yesterday he was so tiny. I also took a video of Baxter and put it on youtube. A week after we brought him home, he brushed against the doorstop and it made a noise. Thankfully I had my camera nearby and I caught it all on video. It is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Don't worry though, after filming the video, I made sure he knew the doorstops were off limits. It definitely stuck, although he still occasionally looks at them like he wants to fight them. =) This is the first video in the four part series: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEPufPsj6l4.
Any time people ask where I got Baxter, I always tell them about you. The whole process was so wonderful, getting the picture and video updates and the puppy  play date, I recommend you as a breeder and tell them to visit your website. Like I said earlier, Baxter is so well-behaved, happy, and personable that I wonder if we were just lucky, if its just the breed, or if the dogs you breed are just that fantastic. I often believe it is the last one. I check out your site every now and then to see the new puppies. I will definitely have to check out Annie's new litter.
I will write you again when Baxter gets a little older. I will definitely let you know if he loses the black on his face.
Thanks again for providing such great puppies!!

- Tabitha  Tallahassee



Hi Celeste,

Sorry for not writting for so long. Attached are a BUNCH of photos Glitch from about a month ago. We're done with all our shots and we just had our 3rd puppy class last night. Since it's only us and one other dog in the class it's an accelerated curriculum and the trainer figures we'll get about halw-way through the intermediate class before we're done :). Glitch such good little puppy. I'm getting ready to try leaving her with the run of the apartment during the day while I'm at work, she's been getting the bedroom for about a month and no problems so far :-D She still loves everybody she meets and as you can see, she's getting more beautiful everyday!

Windy and Glitch


Hi Celeste! I have been meaning to drop you a quick note! We love, love, love Lilly!!!!!! She is an absolute joy. Her nickname is "perfect dog"! You are a fabulous breeder. She is an absolute joy. I will try to send pictures soon.

Love, Kristi  Ft. Lauderdale


Hi Celeste,

Just thought I would let you know Ifrit is doing great.  He's eating his food, going to the bathroom outside, and sleeping well at night!  He is very playful and loving, and I am very excited that I get to be his new mom, so thank you! 

I decided to go with Shaffer Animal Hospital, and took him in Friday afternoon for his 48 hour check up.  He even got to see his sister (it was either Cady or Suki, I'm not sure which) when we were there! The vet said he was healthy and handsome. 
Thanks for my Ifrit!



Daisy loves her new home and big brother Onslowe!





Good evening!!  I just wanted you to know that Neo hasn't forgotten you!!  I was watching your video of the three pups in the pool and he went crazy when he heard you talk.  I put him on my lap and he perked up every time you said something and was looking at the speaker trying to figure out where you were!!  It was so cute.  Just thought you might want to know that he hasn't forgotten his other Mom!!! 

~Jennifer M Port St. Lucie

Good Afternoon Celeste -

Just wanted to touch base with you to let you know Levi had his first Vet visit with our Dr. Kramer.  No worries!  It is all good, I just wanted to let you know how VERY IMPRESSED Dr. Kramer was with the following:

a.)   Levi's health
b.)   Your complete medical records
c.)   Your introductory binder that you provided
d.)   His beauty & markings

He did confirm Levi's BooBoo, but says it is very small and unless it was noted and pointed out by you he would not have picked up on it in this visit.  He commends your honesty and took your information and told me when he knows of clients looking for a Pembroke he will fully recommed you and your kennel.  He stated you should be quite proud of your breeding even with this minor issue of Levi's for he can see the care that you took not only in breeding him but in his first eight weeks.

So he goes back in two weeks for his boosters and for another cookie vitumn treat!

I took pictures of Levi with Dr. Kramer so will send them soon!

Take Care and have a good week!

Ann & Ali



Hi Celeste,


Ollie is doing GREAT and I can see him growing.!! Our Vet thinks he is a very people friendly pup and in good health.Thanks for the nice notebook with all his information. Here's some pictures that I took early this week. Oh he weighs six pounds.


~Susie S. Scottsmoor, Florida


Luli did fantastic sleeping in her crate for the first time.  She's truly a wonderful dog, she's eating well, playing non stop, and has had very few accidents in the house.  She's so smart too, she already knows that when she's on grass it's time to use the potty.  Everywhere I go I get compliments on how cute she is too!  I will keep you posted, and send you some pictures over the next couple of weeks.  Again, thank you so much for everything!

~Phil G. Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


Hello Celeste,
Thank you for Augie's birthday card and remembrance.  That's one of the special things about you as Augie's "Earth Mother".  You care about your kids. We did indeed take some time to celebrate the day with a drive to two pet stores and tore through the aisles together meeting people and other dogs.  It's the Big 4.  Augie had an extra good time with even more attention than usual!  It's been wonderful with him as my constant sidekick.  He's always up for anything and really adds his own take on things to everything we do. He has a very strong, but gentle personality that makes it's presence known in all circumstances.  He has learned how to gauge people and knows who he can bounce on and whom to give a gentle nudge hello.  I can't thank you enough.  He's wonderful and just perfect in my eyes.

~Patrick and Augie from Ormond Beach




Hi Celeste!
We couldn't be happier with Beni!! He is a wonderful puppy as well as
incredibly observant and smart. Beni already knows how to use the
wee-wee pad and goes outside when we say "go potty". Beni is warming
up to his crate and loves to go inside it and take his toys out to
play. Additionally, Beni travels extremely well. When we put him
inside his carrier he is fairly content to relax and enjoy the ride.
You are right when you say that he has alpha male characteristics. I
can tell it is going to take some time to get him to be submissive.
However, we all know that the parents must be "pack leaders" (ha, ha).

Beni went to the Vet today for the first time and his doctor mentioned
that he was in excellent health and was very impressed with Beni's
characteristics. She also stated that we must have done our homework
when it came to selecting a breeder because the doctor mentioned that
she had seen some really sad cases from breeders for various breeds
that showed physical shortcomings. That comment alone made us feel
like we made the right choice in selecting your kennel.

Attached are some pictures of Beni and his new mom for you to enjoy.
Thank you again for everything and I can guarantee that we'll be
emailing you again with more pictures and will be asking for advice in
the days to come!

Take care!!

~Todd, Rosemary, and Beni... Miami, Florida


Hi! Celeste! We've had Ein for a week now. He is doing great. He does most of his chores outside now. He has been going pee outside for three days now. I don't know how it happened but I guess if one is patient enough to take him outside often, pretty soon the dog picks up on your message. We also reward him, and that helps. He still has very,very few accidents in here, but very forgivable. You are right, he is very smart and is rather easy to train. He knows the command - sit - now. But of course he expects a reward from us. Everytime he sees me, he sits right away and stares at me like - duh, I'm sitting down! I had my doubts at first, but now, he is completely attached to me. We tie him up at night beside his crate. Sometimes he goes inside it to play, but we don't force him. He sleeps outside of the crate on top of towels. He is a good boy! And I do believe that the family's personality has rubbed off on him. He has become silly. He's not laid back like I thought before. Was I wrong! Take care. We'll send pictures when I figure this thing out. I think he got a little bigger in one week. thanks again for all the care. Good luck on the next litter's departure. I hope everyone has good luck like I an having in housebreaking Ein's siblings. Regards to your husband.

Hi Celeste,
I hope you enjoy the pictures of Beni.  He went for his final vaccinations this weeked and the vet said they would like to take a picture of Beni to show other Corgi owners what the Corgi should look like.  They feel he is an excellent representation of the breed standard. 

~Rosemary O. Miami, Florida


Hi! Celeste!  I tried to send you an e-mail a few days ago, but it didn't go through.  I just wanted to let you know how well Ein is doing.  At 4 and a half months he is housebroken.  We must have been doing the right thing by him.  Thank God for that.  And now, we can leave him for a few hours by himself.  Sometimes we leave the tv on so he can watch (he does watch) and hear sounds.  But all he really does when he is by himself is sleep in our bathroom.  He loves it there.  He is going to obedience school and he is doing so well.  You are right, corgis are very smart dogs.  I told him that I will not settle for anything below A for his grade.  Even the teacher is very happy at how well he responds to her.  I use the clicker to train him.  And lots of rewards.  I'll try to take his latest pics and send you some.  He has grown bigger, but he is still our baby.  His face is turning more and more into red, but his widow's peak is still evident.  He is very handsome and he knows it, as he is always looking at himself in our full length mirror.  For the little time my husband has spent at home and has been around him, Ein has grown into him.  He is a sweet boy and VERY ATTACHED TO MOTHER!  He still tries to herd us.  We all enjoy him.  Take care and regards to your husband and the other dogs!

 p.s.   I finally brought him to one of my schools before the schoolyear ended.  The school secretary and my fourth graders were so delighted with him.  He is very sociable.


~Donna B. Naples, Florida



Rufo is the best!!! We are sooo happy with him... Thank
you so much for everything you have a wonderful set
Eugenia M. Aventura, Florida




Sophie seems to be adjusting very well. She has such a great
temperament and attitude! We have fallen in love. I was so excited
to know that she will sleep through the night. We got up at about
5:30 and made it outside to go potty this morning - she woke up with a
clean crate - yea!

I will send pictures soon.

~Hallie A. Longwood, Florida



Lucy has really settled in - not even a whimper - you can't even believe it. She's going potty outside really well and a few accidents through the night in her kennel. It's as if she has always been a part of our family. She hardly ever leaves our side - she's awesome, we love her so much. I'm attaching an Easter picture of her.


Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


~Kelly, Jim, and all the girls  Deland, Florida



Hi Celeste, 


Sweetie slept all night and she and Reggie are getting along GREAT. It seems as if Reggie has the patience of Job and just ignores Sweetie's antics. 


I’ll be sending pictures when my new camera gets here in about a week, I ordered one yesterday afternoon. 


~Randy C. Palm City, Florida



Scarlet did good...she was up at 12:30am and then again at 6am...she was walking around whining last night..I think she was looking for her family...She is doing awesome today..


I have pictures that I will send you as soon as I can download them ...Thanks for everything..


~Darin, Jessica,

Darian, Jillian, Caleb, & Scarlet... Winter Springs, Florida



Hi Celeste,


Hope all is going well with you, family, and all your puppies! I enjoy seeing the updates on your web page.


Rose continues to do great and is the best behaved in her puppy class. Attached is a picture taken today. She is precious!


~Vickie Parrish, Florida

Hi Celeste,


Rose is now swimming in the pool.  She loves to sit on the raft, or just sit in my arms!   She is a sweet heart and continues to impress us every day!





Hi Celeste, All the puppies are so cute. You must have your hands full! Kobe has been a busy guy.........I check your updated puppy videos all the time. My neighbors dogs Rocky and Annie are in the pic with Yoda. Annie and Yoda run the fence everyday (of coarse Yoda always wins). Rocky is too fat and he just watches. Yoda is doing great and is every ones friend and loves to cuddle. She listens better than any dog I have ever had. Take care,






Sorry we haven't written or sent pictures in a while. We've been SUPER busy. Riley is doing great!! We have all of our training completed except for stay but we are still working on it. He has just grown into a very beautiful and lovable friend for our entire family. He cracks me up in the mornings when he lays in front of the door and pretends to sleep thinking that will keep me from going to work. He has just learned that barking and growling at the alarm clock doesn't keep it from going off. He's a smart one.


He loves to play chase with his big brother and the cats, playing frisbee, digging holes and car rides. He loves to just get out on the leash and go for a walk or jump in the car and go somewhere.


I've attached a few pictures, and will send more as soon as I can dig them out and resize them for you. One my husband calls Riley Saurus Rex or Rileyzilla. I got to dress him up for Halloween, and he loved it!! He got mad when I took his costume off. The other is just to show you how great he looks.


Riley says thank you for the birthday card! We had a small birthday party for him where instead of cake the boys got chewies, and he got some new dog toys.


We hope that you and your family (furry and non) are all doing well!!

~Taya, David, Riley, & Tahas S.... Port St. John, Florida



Hi Celeste,
Thought you may enjoy seeing how Sadie is growing. She has taken over the house, and the barn!!!
Everyday is a full day of fun for her. When we get home,
she completely passes out!!
Plus, she is a WATER DOG!! We set her up an old feed tub for the time being as her private swim pool!!!
Hope all is well with you, and all newborn pups are healthy and strong.

~Jackiey Ocala. Florida



Hi, Celeste! It's a little quieter at your house for now, I bet.

Yes, we did very well! Little Minnie had a very busy day yesterday--she had a checkup with our vet after they got back to Lakeland. The vet said she was in excellent health and was a gorgeous corgi. But of course, you knew that! Then Lauren got home from school and they had quite a playtime. We are keeping her inside until after her last shots so she has a safe area in the kitchen--her crate and then a fenced in play area--and we put a puppy pad down in the corner. She ran to it every time she needed to go! And we put another pad by the back door in the kitchen and she used it too. No accidents anywhere else--we were so thrilled! I'm not worried that this will make housebreaking hard (I know what the experts say, though) because we did the same thing with Gunnar and as soon as he could go outside he started using the bathroom there. Corgis are so smart I don't think they have any trouble figuring out what we want.

During the night she woke once--someone needed pie and she needed attention--but after a little loving she went right back to sleep. I woke up about 4:45 this morning and she was ready to go. She ate well and pottied and we played and snuggled a while before we woke Lauren up. Then they played and ran through the house for an hour! Lauren has gone to the skating rink for a couple of hours and Minnie has taken a 2 hour nap. I think she may be glad for Lauren to go back to school Monday!!

I was so impressed with the notebook you sent with Minnie! That is so neat--and the picture cd--what a thoughtful thing to do!

We are all so happy with the baby--thanks for all your hard work!!

~Barbara and the gang in Lakeland, Florida



  Roo did fine last night. She slept with our other puppy, so she was warm enough at night. She's very spunky and a very cute.


~Laurie W.  Ocala, Florida



 Fergie was worn out from playing and slept well early evening and then got a second wind around midnight! I took her out to potty 12:00 a.m., 1:00 a.m. and then 5:00 a.m. I won't make that mistake again! She's a very good and fiesty girl. She did well and seems very happy this morning. She's eating and popping well!


~Sue K.  Winter Park, Florida




Samson did fine. He's getting used to the house and other dogs. I was concerned he didn't eat or drink enough, but he started the morning well, so maybe it was nerves. The neighborhood and family and friends were lined up to see him. He slept well in the small crate next to me. He cried for about 5 minutes and slept all night. We sure love him. Thanks for caring so well for him I've my camera out and will be sending pics. We might have to change the name but the jury is out.


~Deb F. Miami, Florida


thank you for such a fine dog! winston's adjusting well. he's getting really fluffy and fat and adventurous! he loved his first horse show but hated his first bath. so much for the runt, he is a fiesty little man! we took a lot of pictures, we'll email them to you when we upload them.

~Janet Z. Winter Springs, Florida


He's doing real well. I have had numerous pups but this one takes the cake. We took him home and in five minutes he had decided he liked the place as he explored every room and nook and crannie. He has never cried and loves everybody he comes in contact with. We have an appointment tomorrow am at the Vet. We are concerned about his ear not standing up. He has given no indication that it will. Lets hope that it eventually will. We all have bonded well and he is adored by both. he also seems as if he is pretty smart.

~Gene and Candy H. Melbourne, Florida


Hello Celeste!
It's been quite awhile since we've been in contact.  Augie is nearing his 3rd brithday and is still a great and sweet kid...very healthy, wise and a great companion.  He still enjoys his walks on the beach and evening walks through the neighborhood where he greets all of his friends: both animal and humankind. 
I replaced the sofa that he was used to watching the world from and he adjusted just fine.  I never told him not to get on the new chairs, but when he didn't, well, I was okay with that!   He likes to sit on my lap when I am on a chair, but recently, to keep in touch with the outside world on his own, he has taken to standing upright and watching the world go by!  He can do this for 5 or more minutes at a time.  It's quite interesting to watch him stand there taking it all in!
I hope you, your Corgi and human family are all well.
Yours truly,

~Augie and Patrick O. Ormond Beach, Florida


Dear Celeste
Thank you for taking the time to meet with us.  I really am grateful
for your patience.  Spirit is doing great.  She had been to my sisters and
nieces house first as to I was so tired that I spent the night, but now she
is home.  It took a little time but you are right she definitely has a lot of spunk and spirit!  She isn't quite sure of the other two dogs in my house at the moment but she stands her ground.  Thank you so much for all that you have done allot of work went into getting all the paper work done and no other breeder that I have dealt with has done what you did as far as giving us all information from the time she was born.  I will keep in touch with you to let you know how she is doing.
Happy New Year

~Linda  Brooksville, Florida


Hi Celeste!
We are having so much fun with Manny! He already knows how to sit and lay down, we are now working on how to "rollover". The first two nights he didn't do that well in his pen, but now he sleeps through the night! Everyone comments on how cute he is, we love him! He will be going to work with Lindsay to play with the students once he stops teething. We are excited to teach him new tricks and watch him grow! Thanks for everything!

~Lindsay, Dave & Manny :) Tampa, Florida



Hello Celeste,
Thank you so much for Duke! He is a wonderful puppy and very, very smart. He was great on the 7 hour drive home, either sleeping, playing or taking a walk to go potty. He stayed right with me each time out of the car with no need for the leash and collar I brought along. He had great communication skills and barked if he wanted me to slow down or he needed to stop to go potty. He had no qualms about his 100 lb canine roommate, Zoku, my Akita, and let him know quickly that this was his house too. I took both dogs to a friend's house for a BBQ last night and Duke was Mr. In Charge, practicing his herding skills. Everyone was on the patio and in the backyard and each time someone went inside, he promptly herded them back outside with the rest of the guests where they belonged! I think I will have no trouble with those herding titles that will be soon to come. I loved your puppy pack and thought that the whole transaction was very professional. Duke had his first day at the horse stables today and handled everything as a very obedient and polite boy, especially to be only 8 weeks. He was respectful of the horses and very fast to listen to my directions. Another pleasing sign of great intelligence!!! I am attaching two photos, one of him with one of his toys on the couch and one of his introduction to one of my yearling stallions, High Caliber Action, fondly called "Bullet". More pictures to come later. I hope your husband is doing better. Take care and thanks again.

~Tamara Ft. Walton Beach, Florida



I just wanted you to know I am so very happy with my little boy, Romeo.  He is such a joy to have around, always letting me know if something is making a noise by barking.  He loves water and can't keep him out of water unless it is to give him a bath, then it is another story, he hates getting a bath.   He guards Ein too, making sure she is ok all the time.  When I say go to bed, off he goes to the bathroom, such a good boy.  Thank you for allowing me to purchase him.  I weigh close to 20 lbs. now and I am 6 months old.




First of all, we are totally in love with our little girl.  She is so sweet and fun.  So far so good with potty training, she only had one accident, and that was because I didn’t get her outside fast enough!!  I’ve trying to take some cute photos, hopefully I’ll have some coming your way in the next couple of days.  I’m babysitting a 4 month old Min. Pin, and Fidget is getting a workout. They chase each other round and round the living room. 


I overheard you say something about Karl being sick.  I hope he’s feeling better.  I’ll be in touch soon.     


~Cyndi R. Deland, Florida


Piper is doing wonderfully! She's very energetic and loves to investigate everything! Her favorite places are the one's she isn't allowed in.
Everyone is spoiling her rotten; she must have around 15 toys now. People just keep bringing her more stuff! She went to the vet last Monday (8/7) and they said she was very healthy. As for around the house, she lets us know when she really needs to go outside by barking at us and has been pretty good about not going in the house. She's learning the "sit" and "come" command now. She's very, very smart.
Thank you so much for such an amazing puppy! We all love her to pieces!

~Laura, Emily, Alan, and Julia


hi there.... maggie is doing great !  she cried a bit in her crate at night but to be expected.... having a ball just watching her and rudi, we just love her.... thanks again for all you have done and we will keep you updated....


 ~Karen B. Winter Park. Florida


Hi Celeste,
The little Cheez-it (renamed from Cheesecake, it's a bit more manly) is doing great!  He had no problems sleeping the whole ride to Jax and he seems to be pretty happy with his new pad.  He spent a good 4 hours following the baseboards seeing everything there is to see before he finally started getting comfortable.  Apparently he found a little spot under my coffee table where he likes to lay and hoard all of his toys.  At least he picks up after himself.  Were working on the potty training, he pee'd once inside, but that was the only time and only because I didnt get to him fast enough to let him out.  Either he already has the idea of housebreaking or I just take him out at the right times.  He is a healthy eater, and absolutely loves treats.  I found that after about an hour of play, If I let him out and then bring him inside to his bed he'll take a nap for 2-5 hours.  I slept 5 hours last night, but he was pretty good about going to sleep without a fuss.  He also had his first bath and collar.  He hates both of those things.  The tag on the collar taps his chest and he hates it, he tries to chew it but cant quite reach it.  He's doing very well, He seems perfectly healthy.  I did have a chance to talk to my vet friend and she said that the inguinal hernia is common in female dogs, but can happen in males as a result of stress during birth usually.  I wouldnt imagine it would be easy to birth 5-10 puppies anyway.  My vet appointment is Monday at 9:30am,  intrested to see how he handles it.  I know at the very least he will hate the car ride because he cant really see whats going on.  Im going to take my other car this time, it's alot quieter, mabye that will help him sleep.  I will let you know how it turns out!  Thanks again.

~James L. Jacksonville, Fla


You are very welcome -- we are just so happy to have puppy feet again!!  Neo did great on the way home, he whined a few times but then settled in for the trip.  We  swung by work and everyone LOVED him and he put on a show for everyone.  We stopped by my boyfriends house too and one bark from his Lab sent Neo between my legs!!  Today however was a different story, he followed him around (tried his hardest to keep up with him in the yard) and even showed Rocky that HE knew how to bark too.  Later, he started playing with Rocky's tail, must have thought it was one of those chew ropes, we laughed and Rocky just sat there (he's a very understanding dog).  We stopped by the vets office today, he passed his initial exam with flying colors and everyone loved him there too.  Having no problem with the crate training, he even goes in on his own to sleep.  He went to bed at 10, decided at 11 he needed to go out again, then slept until around 3 and was back up around 6:30.  Matt has told me about three times now how we made a "great choice", the two of them are going to be best buds (and thank goodness he is old enough to help with the housebreaking).  Tomorrow we'll see how camera shy he is cause if I don't go to work on Monday with pictures I'm going to be in big trouble.  Take care and thank you again for a wonderful pup.  Will keep in touch and send pictures!! 

~Jennifer M. Port St. Lucie, Florida





He is such a trip too!!  For some reason, he hates the beginning of a walk but by the time we are done he is running around happy as can be.  He also likes to pick up pine cones or a stick to carry with him.  He's got the hang of fetch and will bring it back to me every time.  We went out to see some friends who camp on the weekends -- one couple just recently lost their cocker spaniel and playing with Neo really made their day (and he curled up and took a nap under Tom's chair which made Tom so happy).  My friend's grandson was out there and just loved him, walked him around on the leash with no problem (guess Neo was happy to have another short person to hang out with!!).  He's doing great, he makes me laugh every day!!!



Hi, Celeste! Spencer is as cute as a button but loud as a fullsize Corgi. He slept for about three hours at a time last night. At least he slept today while I was napping. He is adjusting well but our other corgi is not happy at the moment. It will be fine. I am attaching a picture of Spencer in a quiet moment. I will send more when I have had more rest! Thanks again! We love the little scamp! 

~Tom R. Oakland, Florida


He is doing just splendid!! Basking in all this attention :)I absolutley love him!! he goes to the vet on monday. I have been taking several pix to send to you.

~Shelby B. Casselberry, Florida

Just stopping in to say that Presley is doing wonderful!! And I am so happy to have him! He's quite the popular puppy to. . . anytime we go anywhere people just cant get enough of him! (I refer them all to you, whoever asks) But hes an absolute delight.

~Shelby B. Casselberry, Florida


GoodDay, Celeste! Hope all is well. It has been quite
interesting here since Trixie came home. We were
worried the entire dive home that she would become car
sick, but she did not. She had moments where she slept
and others where she was trying to look out the
window. We put her harness and leash on prior to the
rest stop on 95 so we could take her for her potty
break. For walking on the leash for the first time,
she did so well. There was little or no resistance. Of
course everybody there wanted to pet her...how can
anyone resist?
Getting home was another story. Usually Xena(the
chubby one with claws is indifferent to new
people/animals. Onyx, the skinny one is usually ok
about new people and such.) Xena felt inclined to stay
near Trixie while Onyx attempted to scare her.
Thankfully Onyx is delawed, because she swatted at
Trixie a number of times. Trixie saw all her new toys
and new bed and was like a kid in the candy store.
Bed time was a little difficult for her as she hasn't
slept alone. She was placed in her crate with the
blanket she slept on for the ride home and had a new
rope toy in there with her. She was placed in her
crate but where she could see us. After about 5
minutes of crying and restlessness, she settled and
slept the entire night. Xena slept on the blanket
beside her crate. All night.
She has developed a bit of a routine to going outside
only having had 2 accidents(as I was putting my shoes
on). I think she has adjusted very well so far. Loves
going for walks outside. She even is mastering the
stairs and curb quite nicely. She steals the cats'
toys and chases Xena every where. She even licked
Xena's face without getting her face ripped off. Xena
has neither hissed at her or swat at her. She has a
pretty good understanding of sit, as anytime food is
in question, we will all behave and act appropriately!
Thanks again for such a beautiful, well-adjusted, dog
with such personality! Everybody she sees she loves!
We are so very happy! There are some pics attached
taken today. I will be adding more pics and I will be
posting on your site about Trixie.Take care and have a
great day.

                          All the best,
                       ~George and Dawn M.
                       Xena, Onyx and Trixie  Melbourne, Florida


Just wanted to drop you a quick note, we visited our vet today, he loved Trixie and said she is one of the best looking puppies that he has seen in a long time.  All is well on our end she is already sitting on command, working on other things now.  Thats all for now, we will be sure to keep in touch.  Take care.

~George and Dawn


Dexter had his first vet visit today and he got an A! Everyone at the office was gushing over him. He had a great weekend and we took a few pictures for you to enjoy. He's getting better and better each day with his 'potty training'.
We'll send you more as he gets even more cuter! =)
 ~Courtney D. Orlando, Florida


I just want to let you know how Bexar is doing.  He is a great little 
boy - very intelligent, but very sassy, too.  He talks a lot and 
grumbles when he doesn't like something - its adorable.  The last 4 
nights he has slept through until 7:30 without waking me up to go 
potty!  I find that incredible.  He sleeps in his crate and never 
cries or whines, and he has never soiled it, either.  He is learning 
to go on short walks on the leash and is even good at that!  There is 
very little he can't do.  He has definitely learned that I am the pack 
leader.  When I took him to the Vet last monday, he had a yeast 
infection in his ears, so I have been using the medicated ear drops I 
got from them and he HATES it.  He's good about everything else - I 
touch him all over every day.  The vet loved your binder, too (as do I).
Okay, here are some pictures of the cutest puppy of the litter!  The 
first one (with the keys) was early last week, and the second was 
yesterday.  He's getting bigger!

~Joshua L. Longwood, Florida

Bexar is doing great!  He is a very smart boy.  He always goes to the door when he has to potty, and has continued to sleep through every night.  Training is going very well, too, he has a very large vocabulary - including Sit, Stay, Come, Hungry, Eat, Food, Run, Walk, Lizard (he loves chasing lizards), Grasshopper, Kissies... and some more that I can't think of right now.  He is very talkative, and of course he is a naughty boy, too!  So feisty!
I'll send the tag in the mail tomorrow - it has some bite marks on it, but I bet Bexar's real tag will too!
Attached are some newer pictures.
I hope the new litter is doing well!

~Joshua L. Longwood, Florida

Merry Christmas!  Thank you for the Christmas ecard - we loved it!  (Bexar is frapping as I write this)
Bexar is doing very well, he passed his Canine Good Citizen test a few weeks ago.  We are keeping each other fit and busy, and he gets compliments everywhere we go (and I try to take him as many places as I can).  I hope you and the Corgis are doing well!  I am including a recent photo of Bexar and I, and I'll send a few more of Bexar in the near future.

- Joshua -


Hey! How are you? Sorry it has been so long since we have sent you an update on Chance. Thank you for the birthday card for him! For his birthday, we got him a special treat, a new bed, and a doggie pool to play in! Also, back in August Chance got a new little sister. Ryan and I had been talking about getting a little girl from you, and then a friend called and said he knew someone who had a puppy that they couldn't take care of. We saw her and fell in love with her. Her name is Kairi and she is half chihuahua half corgi! I have attached a picture of her for you to see. How are all of your dogs/puppies? We weren't able to make it out to the corgi party last year, but we are definitely looking forward to it this year. Have you heard anything about the new location? Well, here are some pictures of Chance and one of Kairi. Thank you again for keeping in touch, and for Chance. He is absolutely hands down an awesome dog!

~Marcie and Ryan



Hello Celeste,
Sam is doing great, she is almost 100% potti trained now and has gone for a lot of nights without an accident in her kennel.  She's really intellegent and catches on to new words and commands quickly.  We are currently learning "drop" at the moment but she understands her name, come, go inside, kennel, potti, and down pretty well, and of course No. She has been getting bigger and bigger, i have not gotten her wieghed yet and we need to set up an appointment for 2nd round of vaccinations soon.  I think this is the 3rd week we will have had her so she is due. 
Talk to you later~ Robert Jacksonville Fl.

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